Since early age, Marco showed a never-ending curiosity for everything music-related.

This brought him to play the electric guitar first, and then to other instruments like acoustic guitar, fretted and fretless bass, mandolin, violin.

Marco feels equally at ease on both sides of the glass of the recording studio , either overdubbing guitars on a pop song, mixing a rock record on Pro Tools or editing intricate minimal music compositions by following detailed music scores.

His credits in the contemporary music field include American composer Philip Glass (co-produced, recorded, edited the album “Minimalist Guitar Music” by Massimo Menotti, released under Orange Mountain Music).

His stable collaboration with Los Angeles based session-player Tim Pierce (Michael Jackson, Madonna, Phil Collins) brought him to develop educational content for the Tim Pierce Masterclass, and to create hundreds of musical transcriptions and tablature for educational purposes.
Marco's transcription skills are trusted by top musicians and teachers like Tim Pierce, Brett Papa, Mark Lettieri, RJ Ronquillo, Marty Schwartz, Corey Congilio, Keven Eknes, Jeff McErlain and many others.

Marco’s 10 years daily collaboration with Latin Grammy winning drummer A. Golino lead him to collaborate with the finest Italian instrumentalists and artists, including Mina Mazzini, Rita Marcotulli, Ares Tavolazzi, Massimo Guerini, Stefano Cantini, Danilo Rea, Lorenzo Poli and many others.

For more than a decade, Marco passionately educates and trains his students in one-on-one sessions, by using both linear and non-linear education methods.
His wide musical background enables his students to experience a unique, holistic educational approach that goes beyond the guitar itself.

Marco recently created and released HINTU, a 100+ cards deck aimed to help guitarists dissolve creative blocks when composing lead guitar parts, regarded by Brian Eno as "a beautifully produced pack full of good ideas".